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. >>> a police report on pittsburgh steelers quarterback ben roethlisberger gives new details about the night he's accused of sexually assaults a college student. he's not being charged, but he could still end up in trouble. we'll talk exclusively with a former teammate. >>> and jewly chen talks exclusively with george lopez who helped convince conan o'brien to join him on cable. he opens up about jay leno swellings his good friend sandra bullock. >> she's strong and she'll be okay. >> more from julie's interview early this friday morning april 16th, 2010. captioning funded by cbs >>> finally friday. good morning, everybody. and welcome to "the early show." i'm maggie rodriguez. >> and i'm jeff glor. harry smith is off this morning. >> good to have you back. you know who else is back? our partner, julie chen. she has an exclusive interview for us with george lopez, the man who was instrumental in luring conan o'brien back to late night television. this morning julie gets inside information about how that deal went down. they also talk about a whole range of topics from jay
quarterback ben roethlisberger is over, but there's new information about what investigators were chasing in a small college town. the georgia bureau of investigation conducted a month-long look into allegations that roethlisberger raped a 20-year-old college sophomore. now, the case was dropped last week when police couldn't prove a crime was committed, and the alleged victim and her family refused to press charges. according to the gbi report, there's an unsubstantiated allegation that roethlisberger at another time and place forced himself on another woman. in that report, an informant says the woman's brother told him she drove the quarterback home from a party. she was a designated driver. the woman claims she helped roethlisberger to his bedroom because he was drunk. the report goes on to say when she tried to leave his house, he slammed the front door, pulled his pants down and told the woman she could do whatever she wants. then a week later, he invited her to his house for a party. at one point she ended up in his bedroom. he told her he had a new bed and asked her to lie down on
the investigation into accusations ben roethlisberger sexually assaulted a woman at a nightclub in mill edgeville last month. the police report says after drinking heavily with the pittsburgh steelers' quarterback the alleged victim was taken by his bodyguard to a private area in back of the club. she claims roethlisberger then walked up and exposed himself to her. she then says, quote, i told him it wasn't okay. no, we don't need to do this, and i tried to get up and leave. i went to the first door i saw, which happened to be a bathroom. she claims roethlisberger followed her saying, quote, i still said no. she says this is not okay, and he then had sex with me. he said it was okay then left without saying anything. the woman's friends claim a bodyguard kept them from the bathroom and no charges, remember, were filed. roethlisberger claims he did nothing wrong that night. we are also learning today the sergeant who led the investigation from mill edgeville police has resigned. strange twist of events here. sergeant jerry blash admitted during an interview with investigators that he made some der
," a new look at what caused the biggest bank collapse in history. >>> then, quarterback ben roethlisberger escapes criminal charges. but not the wrath of one prosecutor, who tells him to grow up. >>> and a surprise from conan o'brien, on his return to late night. >>> wall street's 11,000-level milestone doesn't seem to be exciting investors overseas this morning. tokyo's nikkei average and hong kong's hang seng were both down. in london, the ftse also opened lower. wall street starts the day with the dow jones industrial average at 11,006, after yesterday's small increase. the nasdaq was also up. >>> today, congress will hear from executives of washington mutual, the biggest bank to fail in history. senate failed to stop the deceptive practices. the documents show loan officers were rewarded for the volume and speed of subprime mortgages they sold. >>> twitter rolls out a moneymaking advertising prom today. new, promoted tweets will appear when users search certain key words. they will appear at the top of the search results. best buy, and sony pictures are among the firsadvertisers. twitt
, we'll find out whether nfl star ben roethlisberger will face charges in an alleged sexual assault. last month, a 20-year-old college student accused him of sexually assaulting her at a nightclub in millageville, georgia. "in session's" jean casarez joins us with all the latest. you've been following all the angles, making as many phone calls. what do you know about this? >> this all alleged to have happened in the early morning hours of march 5th. and ben roethlisberger was in georgia because he has a home near millageville, which is where this all is alleged to have happened. it's a small town, college town. he was seen in the local bars that night and had a female companion with him. witnesses say they went from one bar to the other. well, then what we know is in the early morning hours, this alleged female sexual assault victim went to a local downtown police officer and said i've been sexually assaulted. and she went to a hospital after that. she was subsequently released. then she went to the police or they came to her, a criminal complaint was filed by her and thus began a g
pittsburgh steelers star quarterback ben roethlisberger. a 20-year-old college student says roethlisberger sexually assaulted her back in march and even if he is not charged with the crime roethlisberger could still be punished by the nfl. you see live pictures there. according to the information we've received the da is expected to make a very detailed statement here wan few minutes. sports writer dave ziron writes for ed and joins me live from washington. dave, thanks for joining us. we wait on the da here in georgia. what have you heard about the possible case against ben roethlisberger here? >> well, from a criminal perspective it's almost definitely, unless there's a major surprise, going to be dismissed. but there still could be a civil case put against ben roethlisberger. even if all of his legal troubles are behind him, his journey back is just beginning. he has a long road ahead of him. >> again, as we wait on the da here let's backtrack a bit. according to this woman or her attorney she met roethlisberger at a bar. she alleges that -- or her family and attorneys have a
. >> that's steelers' quarterback ben roethlisberger. prosecutors can't charge him for anything. >>> also, can you guess who these guys are? they avoided a disaster in space and their legendary story became a movie. more of their reunion. >>> a tennessee woman who sent her adopted 7-year-old back to russia is refusing to talk to police. she put the boy on a flight by himself last week with a note saying she no longer wanted to adopt him. a sheriff is looking for evidence of abuse or abandonment. unless he files a charge the woman will not come forward for an interview. >> what we're going to have to do at this point is continue the investigation, try to dig into and get enough evidence to bring charges, and that's the only way we're going to get to talk to her it looks like. so i guess we're kind of getting our hands forced here. >> the grandmother claims the boy had a hit list of people he wanted to hurt, and was caught starting a fire in her home. she says the russian orphanage did not warn him about his violent tendencies. russian psychologists who evaluated him last week said they fou
roethlisberger for violating the league's personal conduct policy. he has been handed a six-game suspension and must undergo behavioral evaluation. as john berman reports, big ben also got a tongue-lashing from the head of the league. >> reporter: super bowl star ben roethlisberger takes his share of hits. but none as stinging as the rebuke from nfl commissioner roger goodell. there is nothing about your conduct, he said, that can remotely be described as admirable. goodell slapped roethlisberger with a six-game suspension. after a 20-year-old college student said he raped her in a bathroom. the local district attorney said there was not enough evidence to press charges. >> you don't have to be convicted of a crime or even charged with a crime. he's got to change the way he behaves. >> reporter: the nfl has been at the forefront of pro sports trying to clean up a men behaving badly image. goodell told players, you are held to a higher standard than the law. >> the nfl is an $8 billion a year business. so they really believe that reputation, the stain upon the nfl's shield, is bad business.
now say don't even bother. >>> also ahead, star quarterback ben roethlisberger had a serious meeting yesterday, a day after avoiding sexual assault charges, so why are people talking about his hair? ♪ >>> the arizona house passed a controversial immigration bill that may be the toughest in the country. if the governor signs it, it would allow police to ask for i.d. and arrest someone who can't show it. it comes after months of debate which got even hotter two weeks ago, after a rancher was murdered near the border with mexico. the aclu says it will generate a storm of lawsuits. >>> one more celebrity got the boot on "dancing with the stars" came down to aiden turner and niecie nash. in the end the "all my children's" star was sent packing. he says they will stay friends. >>> of course that means kate gosselin is safe to dance another day. yep, the controversial mom of eight will sit down with hln's joy behar tonight. i cannot wait for that. catch the exclusive interview tonight at 9:00 eastern. >>> do you find it annoying when the tech guys at work tell you it's time to change your
with players, talking about fitness, projecting the image of wholesome goodness. roethlisberger's suspension will likely cost him $2 million in pay. it has already cost him some fans. john berman, abc news, new york. >> all right, here's your thursday weather. rain from southern california into the rockies and southern plains today. heavy mountain snow from montana down to arizona. heavy hail and gusty winds in west texas, kansas, colorado. scattered showers and thunderstorms from new england to the ohio valley. >> 68 here in new york. 80 in atlanta. 84 in miami. indianapolis hits 70. detroit 60. chicago 58. 60s from seattle to sacramento. 59 in colorado springs. and 69 in fargo. >>> all right, this is really, truly cool. this long lost snippet of hollywood history that has surfaced showing a future conservative icon facing off with a soon to be symbol of rebellion. >> it is an episode of general electric theater that aired live in 1954. take a look at who that is. it's ronald reagan as a doctor, defending his home from james dean, a law-breaking teenager trying to get his medical treatment
the pittsburgh steelers quarterback roethlisberger. what his accuser says happened, plus the punishment the team may face, and in addition, breaking now, another allegation against big ben. we'll get into all of it next. [ female announcer ] it's rollback time at walmart. right now, walmart has rolled back prices on top lawn carerands like poulan pr brute by briggs & stratton, pennington, scotts and spectracide. along with thousands of others all over the store. it's rollback time! save money. live better. walmart. right now new stuff breaking on roethlisberger: i want to tell but the investigation that led at the new allegations that just came out. the pittsburgh steelers will reportedly face a fine for the recent action of big ben. espn reports the fine will be around $200,000. it's not clear what punishment roethlisberger will face. this after a college student in georgia accused him of assaulting her at a nightclub. she says one of the quarterback's body guards dragged her to a back hallway where roethlisberger approached her and showed himself. in the report she writes, i told him it wasn'
roethlisberger is talking about recent allegations of sexual assault. how about our weather, veronica? >> the clouds have arrived, next the rain. wait until we see how chilly tomorrow is looking. >> jason campbell signs a new contract with the redskins. we'll tell you exactly what that means the nationals try to avoid blowing their cool and the wizards trying to shine one last time in madison square garden. >>> in the u.s. senate and in the capital of west virginia today a moment of silence for 29 coal miners who were killed in an explosion in a mine last week. it was the nation's worst mining disaster in 40 years. federal investigators are still trying to figure out what caused that blast in raleigh county, west virginia. the tragedy has triggered the second guessing of some mine safety rules. meanwhile, in virginia, governor bob mcdonnell restored $750,000 for mine safety inspections. that money had been cut from the budget. >>> officials at james madison university want to prevent a repeat of a chaotic springfest block party on saturday. that event ended with the police in harrison
clears pittsburgh steelers quarterback ben roethlisberger of assault allegations. he's not out of the woods with nfl bosses. new details ahead. >>> al sharpton hosts political heavy waits at his national action network convention, health care, education and jobs. more live for you. >>> breaking news on volcanic ash that grounded hundreds of transatlantic flights. when will those planes get back in the air? what do you mean? what is a shooee? he's cleaning things that we don't even know what they are. [ male announcer ] effortlessly removes more grime per swipe. with the mr. clean magic eraser extra power. right now, walmart has rolled back prices on top lawn care brands like poulan pro, brute by briggs & stratton, pennington, scotts and spectracide. along with thousands of others all over the store. it's rollback time! save money. live better. walmart. determine if a car is a best buy? first they drive it in the real world. and put it through its paces. they rate its fit and finish. and the amenities inside. they factor in purchase price and operating costs, fuel economy and re
. >> ben roethlisberger learns his punishment, but will he served with the steelers? that is later in sports. >> the wet weather in the area right now could lead to a little bit of fog in the region later tonight. a slightly warmer day on tap for tomorrow. 53 degrees >> but prosecutors say a postal service employee has been charged in a criminal complaint with stealing of cards from the mail. 81-year-old andrew walt from cockeysville was arrested last night. -- 51-year-old andrew walsh. postal workers found numerous greeting cards that had been torn open. investigators said they connected some of the stolen cards and used to get cards to walsh. imagine being able to swim and fish in the inner harbor. the waterfront partnership of baltimore things that will happen and can be done within 10 years. >> lowell melser was that today's launch of the program and joins us live at the inner harbor. >> during and after a rain, you can see all the trash pouring down from the sewer line into the harbor from the city. there are a number of representatives and groups that feel that it can be done
and that is important. >> hear this, one day after the district attorney declined to charge ben roethlisberger, ben roethlisberger was called in to meet with roger del. the nfl is not expected to announce any decision on a possible suspension for at least a few days. also today, big ben beef jerky has dropped ben roethlisberger as the spokesperson. the owner says that quarterback falls short of their standards. >> he does not like me and i am learning not to like him. he wants to break all my records, go for it. i do not care. i have done my job. my job is over. he has got, in my opinion, he has got to realize who he is. >> terry bradshaw. the nationals are 3-4 and have the day off. the new york yankees honk their 27th championship pennant today and beat the angels 7-5 to. if this was the winning run in the bottom of the aid. jorge posada into left field. four redskins fans, watch for fireworks before the draft. john gordon warned everybody not to be surprised if the washington redskins still take a quarterback during the draft despite donovan mcnabb. i believe jason campbell will be gone. >> this
assault charges against ben roethlisberger resigned. jerry blatche was the first officer to interview him outside of the nightclub in march. he acknowledged in the police report to making derogatory comments about the alleged victim. roethlisberger is not facing charges but may face charges from the nfl. >>> friends of the accuser say ed joiner kept them away so roethlisberger could be alone with their friend. >>> an investigation continues tonight into the death of a washington, dc, middle school principal. the body of brian betts was found in his silver spring home after he failed to report to work. the autopsy shows the 42-year- old was killed by a gun shot. according to police, his 2007 nissan suv is also missing. coworkers called him an inspirational leader for teachers and students. >>> some students in local schools are being accused of sexting. it's looking into the selling and sending of nude photos of female students over the internet. >> reporter: thomas powell middle school had girls willingly pose for videos and pictures that were sold. >> i feel badly for the students who di
promising news for the ravens. the team when not face ben roethlisberger in their first game against the steelers this year. he was suspended for six games. no charges were filed, but the commissioner felt he violated the league's policy. that brings us to work water cooler question of the day. do you think the nfl's six-game suspension of ben roethlisberger is a fair punishment? e-mail your reponse to >> we should mention queen in county public schools will be opening 90 minutes late due to the fog. morning pre-k has been canceled. 5:37. you probably heard puzzles are good for your brain. we will explain. but i love to have my toenails painted. >> one company may be paving the way for infection-free pedicures. >> you will need extra time. >> you will need extra time. >> welcome back. it is 40 minutes after 5:00 a.m. this is a live shot. there is some fog out there this morning. the physically could be down close to a couple of hundred feet. patchy fog. where it has developed, it is very thick -. 51 in annapolis. 43 in west minster. the fog will burn off and t
. >> and whether or not van roethlisberger will face rape charges and also, interesting comments from the prosecutor. >> we may have flood water to contend with in the next 24 hours or so. baltimore right now, though, comfortable and seney. >> dozens of cyclist gathered at the state house hoping their presence would help lawmakers to pass this nation helping to protect them on the road. it would give cyc was a 3 ft. bubble to avoid accidents. -- cyclist's 8 3 ft. bubble to avoid accidents. a man was killed last week when he was hit on the shoulder on the -- of but the road in baltimore county. -- of butler road in baltimore county. >> volunteers stopped by wbal tv this morning to donate tree to be planted on our station grounds. >> tree planting is important, especially in the city. we're losing our tree canopy. and air quality is always a challenge. the more trees, the better for the quality of air and they manage sambol -- storm water. >> there will be several events throughout april to encourage city residents to plant trees. for a list, go to our website and click on "a
something just in to hln. the nfl has decided to suspend pittsburgh steelers quarterback ben roethlisberger. espn reporting this hour the star will be forced to sit out at least four games, possibly as many as six. mike galanos, anchor of "prime news" is here to fill us in on what's happening here. >> this was expected. we just didn't know what the time frame would be. >> exactly. i predicted on my show "prime news" it was going to be four games and with conditions be cut down to two. they've bumped it up a couple of games. so four to six games. usually with conditions they'll monitor ben roethlisberger's behavior. he may have to go to counseling. but four to six games. the nfl is very serious about this. christi, people wonder, ben roethlisberger, not convicted in a court of law. the charges were dropped. here's a letter that roger goodell, the commissioner, wrote to pacman jones. he had multiple brushes with the law, ended up being suspended for a year. your conduct has brought embarrassment and ridicule upon yourself, your club n the nfl and has damaged the reputation of players througho
-- about ben roethlisberger's night in georgia. >> beautiful weather across the region. a few widely scattered showers to our north and west. that is a sign of a warm front moving in. sunshine will be continuing in the baltimore area. 72 at the airport right now. >> there was a green light of sorts for baltimore county school education budget. the county executive promised to fund the $600 million spending plan and at least one group was especially glad to be included. >> the county executive said he's keeping his promise to help pay for some key educational programs, everything from new buildings to supplies, an even footing the bill to install air- conditioning. seven months ago, angry parents from rigidly middle school were hot about the lack of air conditioning. they took their case to the county executive jim smith and now he is responding in his annual budget message. >> the school system's capital budget also includes $10.2 million to fund the board of education's prioritized list of schools able to be retrofitted for air conditioning at a reasonable cost. >> they will install
roethlisberger. it is over, but new information continues to surface. bob >> is a unsubstantiated allegation that roethlisberger at another time and place forced himself on another woman. according to the gbi report, an informant claims she helped roethlisberger to his bedroom because he was drunk. the report goes on to say that when she tried to leave his house, roethlisberger slammed the front door, pulled his pants down and told the woman she could do whatever she wanted. and a week later, he invited her to his house for a party where he allegedly was forceful with the woman and put his hands up her skirt. according to the gbi report, the woman's father convinced her not to file charges. the steelers say they will discipline roethlisberger, but probably it won't take place until after next week's draft. much more on the story coming up in the next half hour. >>> former san francisco 49ers' star jerry rice has missed the cut at the nationwide golf tournament he is hosting in the bay area. rice shot a 76 yesterday to go with his opening round 83. he says it's too bad he missed the cut becau
that next drink. sandra hughes, cbs news, los angeles. >>> ben roethlisberger is not being charged with sexual assault in georgia. roethlisberger says he is truly sorry and is happy to put the case behind him. a 20-year-old college student accused him of sexually assaulting her inside a night club bathroom in march. but the district attorney said yesterday there was not enough evidence to prosecute. >> we are not condoning mr. roethlisberger's actions that night, but we do not prosecute morals, we prosecute crimes. >> roethlisberger will meet soon with nfl commissioner roger goodell who might punish him for violating the player's code of conduct. >>> straight ahead, your tuesday morning weather. and in sports, the heat steal a win in philadelphia. [ sneezing ] day after day, allergy season drags on. oh, how many days are you going to suffer? nasonex is the only prescription that's proven to help prevent most seasonal nasal allergy symptoms, including congestion, so you can have more symptom-free days. [ female announcer ] side effects were generally mild and included headache, vira
in tonight's "get this". >> and pittsburg steeler roethlisberger finally responds to his six game suspension for his off t [ female announcer ] you know the feeling. the thrill of the save. that secret high from stretching a dollar. that little rush in finding what you need for less. and now, it's rollback time at walmart. which means thousands of rollbacks all over the store. it's another way to master your budget. and another great day for the savers. with thousands of great rollbacks it's rollback time. save money. live better. walmart. >> contender for the world's smallest horse. get this. einstein miniature stalin born in new hampshire friday. at 14 inches high. and weighs 6 pounds. he was so small his breeder worried he would not survive. >> first he did not move very much. then we started to rub him with a towel and he started to move around. he was so small. >> the owner plan to submit him to the guinnessness book of world records. current small horse was 9 pounds at birth. >> after a car hit and killed their micro-organisms these 14 ducklings were left confused in the middle of a bu
. conan o'brien is returning to a late night. >> i am happy to put this behind me. firstn roethlisberger's words since learning he will not face criminal charges. >> picking up on rain coming in from the north and west. >> because the tonight show is a revered institution, there is a lot of attention on it. hopes hisnd o'brien return to late-night television will generate buzz -- conan new show will debut on tbs in november. >> and roethlisberger said he is ready to get back out on the field. he will not face charges in connection with an incident at georgia nightclub. he says he is happy to put the charges behind him and expressed remorse. >> i am truly sorry for the disappointment and negative attention i've brought to my family, my teammates, coaches, and the nfl. >> prosecutors say there was not enough solid evidence to bring charges. ben roethlisberger is expected to meet with the nfl. he could face punishment from the pittsburgh steelers for violating the conduct code. >> in tonight's consumer alert, if you enjoy shopping and saving money, you are in luck. starting friday, tax-free
qthe nfl has downed roethlisberger's punishment, and we have the details. what how the mayor plans to get baltimore back on the straight and narrow. the first flights from the uk to our area since volcanic ash quieted the skies over europe. [captioning made possible by constellation energy group] captioned by the national captioning institute >> it was quite a homecoming for many people at b.w.i. thurgood marshall just a bit ago. >> for many, and has been more than a week since they could get home, stranded overseas by an erupting volcano. it was just after 7:00 when the first flight from the uk landed at bwi. kim joins us live from the airport. >> some of those british airways passengers were stranded in europe for almost a week, but also stranded were some of our troops, hoping to get home to their families. >> what is the first thing you are going to do when you get home? >> hug my wife. >> these trees have been deployed overseas for six months to a year, and their trip home gogol little longer -- thes?6 c3 troops have been deployed overseas for six months. >>
. >>> ben roethlisberger speaks out for the first time after being cleared of sexual charges. >>> the emotion between phil mickelson and his wife on the golf course is undeniable. we'll speak with a local cancer survivor and get her reaction to that moment. >>> after a stretch of sunshine we do have some rain returning to the area. we'll have all the details when eyewitness news returns. >>> complete coverage continues with aneat coats, breaking news with jackson and sports with mark. it's wjzjz,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, . >>> it's 54 degrees, partly cloudy in central maryland right now. russian investigators say the plane crash that killed poland's president was likely caused by pilot error. the plane went down while trying to land in dense fog. the group was headed to the country for a memorial service for polish troops killed 75 years ago. the body is back in poland. the tennessee woman who put her 7-year-old son on a plane back to russia is refusing to talk to investigators tonight. she sent him back with a note saying she no longer wanted him because he has psychological problems.
happened. the rig is about the size of two football fields. >>> ben roethlisberger is suspended for the first 6 games of the season. he was accused of sexually assaulting a woman in a bar in georgia. tonight the nfl commissioner says the behavior is a violation of the nfl's. >> that's why we have the policy and that's why it's going to be applied to him. >> reporter: roethlisberger is was not charged with a crime but is still suspended. roethlisberger has not yet commented on the punishment. >>> may be targeted in a new investigation. the baltimore sun supporting the state prosecutor's office is being asked to look into whether state senator you lis is is using campaign funds for personal use. among the in question, golf membership. he is also the target of a federal probe. >>> a baltimore postal employee is accused of stealing hundreds of gift cards and checks right out of your mail. spoke with one of the victims, kelly. >>> the greeting card were coming into this processing center with gift cards and checks but at least a thousand of them left here as empty envelopes. to find
roethlisberger for the off the field anic . also, try charmin freshmates for a cleaner clean. >> severe thunderstorms in texas spun into, at least, two tornadoes. get this. this one was spotted in the texas panhandle. officials say it touched down in a rural area. there were no reports of injures. >> shark took a bite out of this surfer's fun. he found himself on top of the shark so he tried to stay calm and slide off. >> then the next thing you know, he was gone. there was my board. i got on my board and kept surfing. >> they believe the surfer had a close encounter with a 14-foot tiger shark. he was unharmed. but his surf board was not as luck. >> these contestants are more wrinkles and slobber rethan you would expect at a beauty pageant. competing in des moines iowa 31st annual beautiful bulldog contest. 50 dogs faced off to replace last year's winner fore house as the official mascot for the annual relays at drake university. at the end meat ball took home the crown. megan gilliland, fox 45 news "late edition". >> the other shoe has dropped on ben roethlisberger after a series of em
it rolling tonight, plus more details on the ben roethlisberger plans. 9sports coming up. somewhere in america... there's a home by the sea powered by the wind on the plains. there's a hospital where technology has a healing touch. there's a factory giving old industries new life. and there's a train that got a whole city moving again. somewhere in america, the toughest questions are answered every day. because somewhere in america, more than sixty thousand people spend every day answering them. siemens. answers. answering them. siemens. but we're also in the showing-kids- new-worlds business. and the startup-capital- for-barbers business. and the this-won't- hurt-a-bit business. because we don't just work here. we live here. these are our families. and our neighbors. and by changing lives we're in more than the energy business we're in the human energy business. chevron. >>> it's time for 9sports with brett haber. the best sports in town. >>> well, it's more than a hockey series now. it's a case of international -- bruce spotted canadians coach, mortan spying from the stands. promp
paying their respects. >>> the off-duty state trooper who acted as ben roethlisberger's bodyguard on the night he was accused of raping a college student is under investigation by his department. witnesses claim the pennsylvania trooper, ed joyner, blocked the entrance where roethlisberger and the alleged victim were. prosecutors have said there's not enough evidence to press charges against roethlisberger. here with me now former federal prosecutor jay fahey, good morning. we have the pennsylvania state police investigating ed joyner. if he was preventing anyone from getting into that hallway and subsequently the bathroom where roethlisberger and the accuser r were that night, you would say that's suspicious, wouldn't you. >> it's more than suspicious. if he thought something bad was going on, if he knew that girl was drunk and if he thought that a sexual assault was going on, he's committing a criminal act. the state police in pennsylvania should be investigating this. >> okay. but here's the problem. there's not enough evidence to press charges on big ben. they're saying that h
for big ben roethlisberger. prosecutors didn't charge him for sex assault, but new word tonight the quarterback is still going to pay a price. first from fox this evening, rescue crews are now conducting a desperate search in the waters off louisiana for the workers still missing after a fiery explosion aboard an oil drilling platform. and with night now falling along the coast, the situation in the gulf of mexico is growing more urgent by the minute. officials say 126 people were on that rig, about 50 miles south and east of venice, louisiana, when the blast ripped across the platform last night. we have some images that show the massive flames shooting into the sky after the explosion. the coast guard reports about 150 -- 115 people escape the blast but at least 11 others are missing right now. even as fire crews still battle the flames, teams in boats and helicopters are scouring the gulf for any signs of life. let's get a late update from chief correspondent jonathan hunt. rescuers say there is a chance there are still alive. >> there is a chance. in the best case scenario t
roethlisberger. the district attorney announces whether the steelers quarterback will be charged. we'll have the all details after the break. will? >>> those are some of the stories coming your way as fox 5 news at 5:00 comes back. stay with us.  >>> an off campus block party turned into a riot this weekend. the showdown with the partyers and police. it's all coming up. >>> and now, video of a massive apartment fire. in manhattan, a fire ripped through a building. two elderly residents are in critical condition. 30 firefighters also hurt here. rescuers went from apartment to apartment helping victims get out. three buildings in chinatown are now gone and tonight, investigators are still trying to figure out the cause. >>> out of new york, more details on a terror plot. three suspects have pleaded guilty to a plan to blow up the subway system there. is fourth fan is in custody in pakistan. it would have brought chaos and death. david lee miller vz more details now. >> reporter: tales of terror on the busy subways of new york. according to the new york daily news, disturbing
going to do with the draft pick? steelers quarterback ben roethlisberger suspended by the nfl. we will tell you for how long. if i had to sit on a bench during the middle of a game due to diabetes it would frustrate me. in a basketball game a couple minutes could mean a big momentum shift. my bayer meter is very important. (announcer) only bayer's contour meter has programmable personal high low settings. it allows me to be able to look at my highs and lows to make sure that my diabetes is being controlled as tightly as possible. with my bayer meter i don't miss valuable game time. i'm alana burns and staying in the game is my simple win. (announcer) the contour meter, only from bayer. >>> today the afghan army destroyed more than two tons of fertilizer in a controlled explosion. fertilizer contains ammonium nitrate and surgeons use it to make roadside bombs. back in february, afghan president karzai banned ammonium nitrate. he signed an order giving afghans 30 days to turn in the fertilizer or face prosecution. explosion today was an effort to destroy some of the fertilizer the g
roethlisberger even though he was not charged for sexual assault. there's word he may never play for the steelers again. >>> plus, some men are waking up and finding their stuff gone, the last thing they remember, sharing a drink with a woman they met at a bar. >>> our top story about 100 survivors of the oil rig explosion off the coast of louisiana are now back on land. they arrived early this morning, and they're being treated by doctors. now their families are relieved. >> the only thing that i was thinking is how am i going to tell my kids, you know, that their dad's not coming home, and the worst goes through your mind, so we were just blessed that we did get a call. >> 11 workers are still missing. the coast guard's been looking for them all night long and air searches will get back under way when there is enough light this morning. >> we have capabilities to search throughout the night, and we continue the search and rescue case. the 11 people unaccounted for, we will continue the search and rescue case until it's reasonable that we might not find anybody out there. >> the fire from tuesda
roethlisberger and his allegations of sexual assault. >> and at 4:45, it's medical break through. we'll tell you about a serious health issue that affects millions of people and how it's helping patients get healthy for life . >>> tiger woods did not finish this year's masters tournament as winner, but after months of scrutiny and seclusion, the golfer may be on track to winning something else -- renewed respect from many of his fans. and at the same time, an emotional display by another golf great. here's kristen dahlgren. >>> for tiger woods -- >> tiger! >> it wasn't the round he likely dreamed of. >> i felt so bad over every golf shot today. >> reporter: but as woods walked off the 18th green tied for fourth, the crowd of thousands rose to its feet. >> the people were just absolutely fantastic all week. >> reporter: and maybe this time winning back fans was ultimately more important than winning a tournament. >> i think we need to let him deal with those issues and focus on the sport of golf. >> but not everyone is back on team tiger. the cheers were even louder for winner and woods rival phi
. should nike suspend ben roethlisberger for his off field conduct. he was never charged, but do you think he should still collect a paycheck from nike? i think they should bench him. we want to hear from you. 877-tell-hln. >>> a group of kids accused of overdosing on drugs at a middle school in florida. 13, 14-year-olds accused of popping 20 pills each. they end up vomiting, collapsing, one had a siezure. fortunately, they are going to be okay. they are hauled away in stretchers. they could face criminal charges. we'll talk about that. back with us, sonny and also with us, kyle, reporter for the miami times. how did this go down with the kids? was it a grand scheme and they decided to go for it at school? >> i don't know. they haven't given much information on what they were thinking. apparently, they got together and decided to try to get high of this medication early in the morning on a school day. >> so, it was early in the morning. what does the school say? >> as far as i have heard, they haven't released things yet. parents wanted to hear things. the school board addressed the situat
suspension for ben roethlisberger. we will ask what you think about it. >> are we in for a break from the wet weather? we continue right now. [captioning made possible by constellation energy group] captioned by the national captioning institute >> good morning. i am mindy basara. >> and i am stan stovall. >> it is earth day. >> leave early for work. the fog is the big story this morning. he did not know mother earth was before custer. visibility is down to pay a couple of hundred feet. >> you need to go back to bed. >> i can see for miles. low 50's.r 40's and give yourself extra time. 47 at the airport. it will be a pretty decent day. sunshine will make it jumped to 70 degrees today. we could see a few scattered showers today. we will check the forecast weekend. good morning to sarah. >> shake my head. let's look outside. outer loop, an accident coming in. the fog is contributing to a tough start. watch for an accident in the city at eastern avenue. southbound route 1 is closed off the dam because of an accident. 11 minutes on the outer loop north side. five-minute ride on
that prosecutors not to file charges against star quarterback ben roethlisberger we are finding out new details out of the police report. >>> and there is something that you need to do today if you don't want somebody knocking on your door for the census. [ woman ] nine iron, it's almost tee-time. time for new zyrtec® liquid gels. they work fast. so i can get relief from the pollen that used to make me sneeze. with new zyrtec® liquid gels, i get allergy relief at liquid speed. that's the fast, powerful relief of zyrtec®, now in a liquid gel. zyrtec® is the fastest 24-hour allergy medicine. so i'm ready by the first hole. with new zyrtec® liquid gels, i can love the air®. [ male announcer ] this week only, save up to $12 on zyrtec® products at and in sunday's paper. ♪ sing along because it's one we know, it's a smile, it's a kiss ♪ ♪ it's a simple >>> gays and lesbians are celebrating what they say is a huge step toward ending des crim nation against them. president obama is ordering hospitals to give same-sex partners the same visitation rights as relatives. three years ag
roethlisberger six games without pay after at least two women accused of stealer of sexual misconduct on separate occasions. roethlisberger will not face charges but the league spokesperson said they looked into the accusation carefully and are ordering him to meet with a doctor. if you remember, a college student told cops roethlisberger bought her shots at a nightclub and afterwards he approached her and exposed himself. she tried to get away and told him no but he followed her into bathroom and raped her. roethlisberger says it didn't happen. rick leventhal as the news. the league can punish any player for violating the personal conduct policies. >> the nfl holds players to a higher standard and the commissioner with order suspensions. roethlisberger says is a he said, she said situation but investigators founded star quarterback facilitated the purchase of alcohol for underage girls and the victim of troubling enough to issue a stern warning saying there was nothing about your conduct that can be described as responsible or consistent with the values of the league or ex
roethlisberger. espn is reporting that the nfl will announce a suspension. the sports network saying roethlisberger will be suspended four to six games. this is in connection to a case that was thrown out by a district attorney after a woman accused roethlisberger of sexual assault. the case was not pursued in criminal court, however, the nfl is expected to hand down a punishment, according to espn of four to six games for pittsburgh steelers star ben roethlisberger. we'll keep you up to date on this and bring you any developments out of pittsburgh on this story that's been swirling around that football player. >>> a 3-year-old boy reported missing in florida monday, he's been found abandoned in the heart of new york city. nathaniel fons left at st. patrick's cathedral with only a bizarre note in his pocket. the story gets even stranger now that police say the child's mother and a boyfriend were arrested in florida for passing counterfeit cash. nbc's ron allen is here now. ron, we live in new york city, so to give people perspective, this child is left in one of the busiest places yo
the quarterback -- former quarterback, terry bradshaw getting into roethlisberger for his troubles off the field. the capitals know that the montreal canadiens don't care about the regular season. somewhere in america... the slightest breeze harbors immense power. the tallest buildings leave the lightest footprints. a fifty-ton train makes barely a mark on the environment. and a country facing climate change finds climate solutions. somewhere in america, we've already answered some of the nation's toughest questions. and the over sixty thousand people of siemens are ready to do it again. siemens. answers. >>> change of bo jackson and michael jordan. here we go. best receiver on the planet of all time taken up another sport. jerry rice. he will make his pro debut this thursday in a nationwide tour event. nationwide tour is like the minors. jerry rice will compete and host the 156th player tournament in california. he insists that this is not a stunt. rice says he wants to compete to see if he can make it on the pga tour. maybe if that doesn't work out, he can give charles barkley some lessons on
roethlisberger? the nfl suspended the guy six games for the off field conduct, accused of sexually a woman in a georgia nightclub. never charged. but do you think he should collect a paycheck from nike? i think they should bench him. we'll want to hear from you. call in. >>> a group of kids accused of overdosing on drugs in school. middle school in florida. a dozen kids, 13, 14-year-olds. popping some 20 pills each and these kids vomiting, collapsing, seizures. no one seriously hurt. quite a scene there at the school. now we are learning they could soon face criminal charges. we'll talk about that back with us, sonny who is tin and our sister network tru tv and a reporter for the new times. kyle, how did this go down with the kids? a grand scheme and decided to go for it there at school? >> i don't know. they haven't really released much information on what the kids were thinking but apparently they got together and decided to try to get high off the medication early in the morning on a school day. >> it was early in the morning. when's the school saying about it? what do they bring to the
much. good to talk with you. ra meantime, the state trooper serving as ben roethlisberger's bodyguard on the night he was accused of allegedly raping a college student is under investigation. details emerge from the victim's police statement. she claims she repeatedly told the star quarterback no before the alleged sexual assault. prosecutors have said there's not enough evidence to press charges. joining us right now sportswriter dave zarren. >> good morning, alex. >> let's talk, first of all, about this week. the officer who first investigated the roethlisberger case resigned for making profane comments about the accuser that night. do you think this is a case of roethlisberger getting favorable treatment that night and since? >> well, look, let's just say he's very lucky his name is ben roethlisberger, that he's the quarterback of the pittsburgh steelers, and that he has the bank account he has. it definitely looks like the prosecution blinked on this. i've read the police report. i read it cover to cover and afterwards i wanted to shower with steel wool. i can tell you that at bes
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champion, pittsburgh steelers quarterback ben roethlisberger. he was suspended for violating the league's personal conduct policy. and here's john berman with that story. >> reporter: super bowl star ben roethlisberger takes his share of hits. but none as stinging as the rebuke from nfl commissioner roger goodell. "there is nothing about your conduct," he said, "that can remotely be described as admirable." goodell slapped roethlisberger with a six-game suspension after a 20-year-old college student said he raped her in a bathroom. the local district attorney said there was not enough evidence to press charges. >> you don't have to be convicted of a crime or even charged with a crime. he's got to change the way he's doing things. >> reporter: the nfl has been at the forefront of pro sporting trying to clean up a men behaving badly image. goodell told players, "you are held to a higher standard than the law." >> the nfl is an $8 billion a year business, and so they really believe that reputation, the stain upon the nfl shield, is bad business. >> reporter: he suspended michael vick for d
accusation last month, the nfl has sidelined pittsburgh steelers quarterback ben roethlisberg roethlisberger. he must undergo a behavioral evaluation. john berman has more. >> reporter: super bowl star ben roethlisberger takes his share of hits. but none as stinging as the rebuke from nfl commissioner roger goodell. "there is nothing about your conduct," he said, "that can remotely be described as admirable." goodell slapped roethlisberger with a six-game suspension after a 20-year-old college student said he raped her in a bathroom. the local district attorney said there was not enough evidence to press charges. >> you don't have to be convicted of a crime or even charged with a crime. he's got to change the way he's doing things. >> reporter: the nfl has been at the forefront of pro sports trying to clean up a men behaving badly image. goodell told players, "you are held to a higher standard than the law." >> the nfl is an $8 billion a year business. and so, they really believe that reputation, the stain upon the nfl shield, is bad business. >> reporter: he suspended michael vick for dogfi
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